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Ever Wondered Why All The Best Already Use Our Products?

You can ask any one of our customers why they work with us and they will tell you one of the following things: 

  • We have the best quality product.
  • We actually build a relationship with our customers, working to fit their needs.
  • We are the most convenient option, since we ship everything directly to you.

But we can brag all we want and have it fall on deaf ears, read these reviews and you’ll see exactly why everyone who is crushing it right now works with us and our materials. 

Have been using Foamcore Mouldings for a decade. Really Happy with their service. Quick service, great quality, respectful staff… Thank you for being my number one supplier in Niagara. ?


What We Ship Right To Your Door

We are one of the only Durock contractors in Ontario. With only 20 licensed Durock dealers in Canada, we are your only realistic option to buy this high quality of a product.


You buy from us and we can ship it to you directly so you get what you order when you need it with a service team you can call if you ever have any issues. 

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Awesome service, thank you
Angus Scotty
Not only does Foamcore have superior products, their service is awesome and they are a joy to deal with
Debbie Kos
I have used another company in the past and Foamcore was recommended by a close friend and we will never go back. Foamcore did amazing work
Tess Killren

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The ONE Thing You Need To Know Before Working With Us

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are other options out there. But we need to be realistic about this, if you go ANYWHERE else you’re going to be disappointed.
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Thousands Of Happy Customers

When you order with Foam Core we will go the extra mile, making sure everything is perfect and you are well taken care of because to us your family, not just another customer…

Unlimited Customization

What ever you envision we can design… literally (we’ve even made a gigantic wine barrel for a winery). Oh and don’t stress we’ll send you guides on how to install everything! 

Quality That Builders, & Film Makers Have Relied On For Over 30 Years

Trusted for over 30 years must mean we have something right… We go the extra mile for our customers,  when you order we ensure the best quality and care.

Cost Effective Options

Believe it or not, because of our unique methods and light weight materials shipping foam core’s mouldings is cheaper than regular mouldings, and our price tags are on par or less than alternative options! 

This Is The End Of The Line

You’ve seen it all, our quality work, the near endless amount of social support, how we treat our customers better than anyone else, and our award winning process to bring you an excellent product every time. 

But now it is time to make a decision, you can work with us and get the experience you’ve been searching for, or you can go with some other company, some other company where they have a lot of bad reviews, they don’t treat their customers any differently than any other corporate giant, and they have the same old, boring, cookie cutter product. 

The choice is clear, see you on the other side. Click the button below.

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