How to choose the perfect ceiling medallion

A ceiling medallion is an ornamental and attractive feature, usually round, that is used to beautify the ceiling. They were very popular features in middle-upper-class homes in the 90’s, especially in the Victorian-Style houses. During those times, the medallions were made of wood, now we manufacture them with coated polyurethane which makes them a lot lighter. The patterns were typically based on floral design, now we provide multiple styles you can choose from.

Nowadays, ceiling medallions are still fashionable for large rooms with high ceilings – in more elegant houses – and they are especially used with the combination of a chandelier and a plain ceiling colour. They are also used for practical reasons as well — to cover up the chandelier’s box.

When choosing a ceiling medallion for your home, numbers are essential since the proportions of the medallion must be in the ratio to the room size. Here is a simple way of how to choose the correct size:

  • Measure the width and length of the room.
  • Multiply the numbers to get the square footage of the room.
  • Divide the number by 5. This number is the correct diameter in inches of the medallion.

This is not a strict rule! The dimensions of the light fixture also play a role. Sizing of the medallion should be approximately the same diameter as the chandelier to keep a balance, if you want to break the rules, and highlight the medallion, it can absolutely be done! Larger ceiling medallions give a beautiful feature to the room.

Check our medallions page to see the styles and the dimensions we have available.