Why restoring with foam mouldings is your safest (and best) option?

Restoring with foam mouldings is safer, faster and often more durable than conventional construction methods.

Our products are the chosen method for historically accurate restoration projects across North America because they are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Lighter
  • Less Stress On The Building
  • Easy To Install
  • Cleaner To Install
  • Faster To Install
  • Infinitely Customizable

If you are restoring a building and you are not using foam mouldings, you’re spending more money, more time, and taking on more risk than necessary. 

Foamcore Mouldings for heritage restoration

Worry less about the historical accuracy, installation, ease of manufacturing, cost of project... the list goes on. Our state of the art manufacturing facility combined with the artistic and technical expertise of our team will see your project through manufacturing from beginning to end. A truly craftsman experience and product for a fraction of the price and installed in a fraction of the time. The only element that isn't less is the length of the product life when installed; our solution is reliable and capable to stand the test of time.