Accent Walls; Simple and with 3D Panels


Are accent walls still in trend? That is the question that most homeowners have.  The answer is quick and simple; YES!

For the past decade proprietors decided to think outside the box. Instead of having one big painting on the wall, they opted in changing the colour of the whole wall. Of course, as being just introduced many individuals thought accent walls will not be in fashion for long, that is where they were wrong, because nowadays people like to have not only painted accent walls, but with 3D panels as well.

When deciding to have an accent wall, there are many factors that need to be taken in consideration.

Which wall should be accentuated?

Painted Walls

The best wall that can become the accent of the room, it is the wall opposite to the window. No matter the colour chosen, the light will reflect on it and it will not be overwhelming the room.

If you opt for the wall with the windows, try to choose a colour that is not very dark. Dark colours around the window, will reflect too much light and it will devastate the room. It will become a room that you simply cannot stay in for too long.

Wall with Panels

We have talk about coloured accent walls, now there is a new fashion with 3D wall panels. Usually, the wall panels come in many colours, designs, materials and sizes.

Interior designers prefer to paint the panels the same colours as the rest of the walls, so it can give a subtle elegant look. To achieve this look, you will need to find panels that come already primed, this way it is easier to paint it the colour you like!


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