Figuring out what to do with your home decor can be a challenge, even if you are just getting started with designing your home or you have been living in for years.  Even though you don’t want to rely only on what’s popular to make your decision, home decor trends can help you decide what you like and what you don’t like. Here are a few popular home decor trends of 2021 to help inspire your own home design:

  1. Decorative Ceilings

The ceiling is also called the “fifth wall” in 2021. Interior designers are promoting more and more decorative ceiling and homeowners are starting to just love them.

No matter the height of the ceiling, in 2021 you can find hundreds of ideas of how to decorate your ceiling. Starting with the simplest way, painting, going full on with coffered ceiling, different size mouldings and beams for a more rustic taste. There is an option for everyone in 2021!

  1. Minimalist Shapes

Minimalist Shapes are in demand since 2015. They can be achieved with paint or wall panels. Starting with 2015 many homeowners chose to have their accent wall in many coulurs, just to bring some happiness to the room, especially for the kids’ playroom or bedroom. Now, the designers opt for 3D wall panels to give that modern look to residential properties and commercial too!

  1. Natural textures

Natural Textures are back in trend! Yes, the wood beams on the ceiling go together with modern furniture. The mix of styles is very fashionable in 2021 and everyone seems to love it. Now only wood, but concrete and bamboo textures as well. The sky is the limit with decorations and renovations, be creative!

  1. Bold rich colours.

I started talking about colours earlier on the minimalist shapes, but full colour accent wall is definitely a trend now! With years passing, people have become more brave with colours in their house or office. Light furniture, and dark accent walls? Yes, please!!!


In the end what you like is definitely what you have to choose. Always decide what you like first and thousands of options are available, no matter the preferences.